January 2, 2023

Susegad Goa with Clyde D’Souza

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to 3x author and podcaster, Clyde D’Souza as we talk about the concept of Susegad - the Goan art of Contentment!


Today's destination: Goa!

Nearest Airport: Goa International Airport (GOI)

Nearest Railway Station: Karmali Railway Station (KRMI)

Prerequisites : N/A

Packing : N/A

Time of the year : Nov - Jan

Length of the itinerary: 1-2 weeks

  • We kick off the conversation by discussing the root of the word susegad, its significance and its different connotations in Goa, both good and bad. 
  • Clyde discusses his connection to Goa, his ancestral home at Colvale and years growing up visiting Candolim and the early memories. We also talk about the historical background and rulers of Goa and their influences, primarily the portuguese influence
  • We talk more about the concept of Susegad, starting with the characteristics of Goan homes and the key features - the balcao, the red laterite exterior, the wells, the backyards, mother of pearl windows, azulejos tiles among other things. 
  • Clyde also discusses the staple diet of Goans, right from poiee or breads to the xiit kodi or rice and curry, the Portuguese influences and much more. We talk about some of the popular dishes as well as some of the recipes that Clyde shares in his book. Besides the food, we also talk about mangoes and desserts which are an intrinsic part of the diet. 
  • We also talk about the spirits and drinks of Goa - Feni and Urak and how they have been GI tagged and representing India around the world.
  • Other topics include the celebrations and festivities and some of the unique festivals of Goa, the music of Goa and the different types of songs - from dekhnis to dulpods, fados to mandos and the popular artists. 




Clyde’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clydedsouzaauthor/

Link to Clyde’s book on audible and amazon - https://linktr.ee/clydedsouzaauthor

Link to Clyde’s podcast - https://open.spotify.com/show/3wuewIESKhHiMetJpK0GSv?si=8c99ef309ba94db8


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Photo by Steve Rybka on Unsplash


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