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What is 'The Musafir Stories'?

Its a Podcast!

The Musafir Stories is an audio podcast about various Indian travel destinations. So escape into the world of travelling all while you could be jogging, commuting to work or even cooking.

Incredible India

All we discuss on The Musafir Stories is about exploring this melting pot of diverse heritage, culture and religion. From picturesque snow covered mountain to barren deserts, from tropical rain forests to beautiful beaches. Explore Incredible India with us.

Travel Tales

Our witty travelers not only share their picture perfect itinerary with us but also travel tricks, hacks & secrets that make them a pro at travelling. Listen to their speechless journeys in their own words.

To Share & Inspire

With this motto of Share & Inspire, The Musafir Stories aims to share the rich travel tales of travelers & inspire everyone to take up travelling.

The Musafir Stories in now on Audible!!!

Our Episodes

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Our Team

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Faiza Khan


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