November 24, 2021

Islands of Goa with Stuti Bhadauria

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks with traveler and content creator, Stuti Bhadauria who creates content at


Today's destination: Islands of Goa!

Nearest Airport: Goa International Airport, Panjim, GOI

Nearest Railway Station: Karmali Railway Station, KRMI

Prerequisites - NA

Packing - Pack light, wear a good pair of walking shoes

Time of the year - Round the year, except summers

Length of the itinerary: 3-5 days


Itinerary Highlights:

Stuti takes us on a whirlwind tour of Goa beyond the beaches! We explore the prominent islands of Chorao, Divar and St. Estevam as we explore the quaint villages, streets, churches and more in these islands.

We start off our journey from Chorao Island, the largest of the 17 islands around Goa. Chorao is situated at a distance of about 5kms from the capital Panji and is accessible via Ferry service.

Places to explore in Chorao - Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Mangroves leading up to the bird sanctuary, Devaki Krishna temple, one of the two temples dedicated to Krishna and his mother, Devaki, also known as Yashodha. Apart from the temple, popular churches in the island include Our Lady of the Grace, one of the earliest churches built in the region - island is also known as the island of Noblemen as the first portuguese noblemen settled here.

The other popular churches include St.Bartholomeus Church and Chapel of Our Lady of health, and Christ the King statue, situated a 360 view of Chorao islands

Next on the itinerary is Divar island - one of the more commercial islands in recent times. Things of interest include churches like Our Lady of Piety church and Sao Mathia’s church and the step well of Porne tirth thalli, once home to the Saptakoteshwar temple - the patron deity of the Kadambas.

Another unique festival celebrated in Divar is the festival of flags - Bonderam, Stuti explains the history and connections.

The final island on the itinerary is St. Estevam island, named after St. Stephens. The island is also home to one of the shortest ferry crossings in Goa (and perhaps the country!). Popular churches include The Lady of BoaVentura, Christ the King Statue (again), along with the 14 holy crosses, St. Estevam Church.

Another noteworthy phenomenon in Goa is the use of sluice gates, and Khazan system of irrigation that is completely a community driven initiative.

Other smaller islands include Vanxim, Sao Jacinto and Grand Island. Finish off the journey by walking along some narrow alleys, exploring the Goan architecture, a slowly dying breed of architecture.



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