December 15, 2018

TMS#035: Chadar Trek with Ajitha Yasmin

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to a very dear guest - Ajitha Yasmin, a long time listener and winner of the "Get Featured on the Musafir Stories" contest we ran on International Podcast Day earlier this year.
Today's destination: Chadar Trek on the frozen Zanskar river, Ladakh, India
Nearest Airport:  Leh Airport, IXL
Nearest Railway Station: NA
Prerequisites - Some experience in trekking is prefered, although not mandatory
Packing - Make sure to either pack winter clothes or buy them in Leh. Decathalon is a good option in your city as well. Equipment is usually taken care of by the trek company.
Time of the year - January
Length of the itinerary: 6 day trek, 2 day acclimatization
Itinerary Highlights:
- The 12 people strong team, set off after a day of acclimatization in Leh with a stopover at Magnetic hill.
- The trek kicks off at Chiling from where the group heads off on a 70km trek over 6 days.
- The trek goes through some interesting terrain with different formations of ice over the Zanskar river.
- The early hours are tricky with the team having to negotiate some thin layers of ice.
- The first stop for the night is Shingra where the team camps. Periodic oxygen level checks are performed by the trek company to ensure that everyone is good health.
- The trek continues through some magnificent terrain, covering icy sheets to frozen streams. The stop of the day is at Tibb caves, a point of meeting of two mountain ranges.
- The team also enjoy some good vegetarian food along with Thukpa, the tibetan soupy noodles.
- The final day of the onward journey ends at Nerak waterfalls - a frozen waterfall that is one of the iconic points of the trek at over 11,000 ft.
- The return journey is along the same path but on th other side of the frozen river bank. The team enjoys interacting with the local porters and share some hummable songs and the evergreen calls of Julley!
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