June 1, 2017

TMS#008: Explore The Rann of Kutch with Sangeeta Das

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to Sangeeta Das from the blog lifeisavacation.in. Sangeeta blogs about the complete experience of a destination, the sites, the people, art and the food, the experience of just being there and the soul search that follows. She believes that sites are seen by tourists but travelers seek much more wanting to immerse into the sights and sounds of the place with all their senses
Today's destination: Kutch, Gujarat
Nearest Airport: Kutch airport (Bhuj)
Nearest Railway Station: Bhuj railway station
Prerequisities - permit required for Great Rann of Kutch, can be obtained with ID proof
Packing - Sunscreen, sunglasses, hydrants for the day; Cap, warm/light jackets, sweaters for nights
Time of the year - December; Best time to travel is between October and March
Length of the itinerary: 10 days
Itinerary Highlights:
- Day trip in Ahmedabad; free walk from Temple to Mosque (Swaminarayan temple in kalupur to Jama Masjid), local street food, Adalat stepwell
- Sun temple at Modhera
- Step-well at Patan (Rani ki vaav patan), built by Rani Udaymati for her husband & King Bhimdev
- Patola sarees and how they are made at Patan
- Little Rann of Kutch @Rann riders - Wild Ass sanctuary, watching migratory birds, exploring Kutchi cuisine, living in the traditional bhungaas
- Indus civilization excavations at Dholaveera
- Stay in Devpar @homestay by Jadeja royal family
- Vijayvilas palace at Mandvi - summer home of the Jadeja royal family; Also the location of Hum Dil de chuke sanam!
- Visiting the beach, Tasting Dabelis and camel rides Devouring the Osho thali at Mandvi
- Koteshwar temple, Narayan Sarovar lake, Lakpat fort at the Land's end
- Fossil park run by Mr. Sodhi
- Rann utsav at the Great Rann of Kutch; stay at the eco-resort Sham-e-sarhad
- Watching the moon at the Great Rann of Kutch; enjoying
- Handicrafts at Nirona village, Dhordo, Rogan art; Kutchi bells, India Bridge near LOC
- Birding and photography at chadidand
- watching the 2 jackals at the temple at kalodungarh hill
- Interacting with the Rabadi nomadic tribe


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