September 20, 2018

TMS Specials – Road Trippers Club with Vineet & Deepak

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to Vineet and Deepak, the duo behind the sparkling new initiative called Road Trippers Club - A road travel club for road trip enthusiasts, beginners and those who love hitting the roads on four wheels - Camaraderie on four wheels! #KeepTheRhythmAlive

Prerequisites - 4 wheels! Just sign up on and you are good to go!

Packing - Specifics vary depending upon the trip. Once you have signed up and join a micro-group, the Team captain will breif everyone about the preparation and packing list.

Time of the year - N/A

Length of the itinerary: Depending on the drive, the trips vary from one day trips, to weekend drives to longer drives! The Mumbai chapter of RTC has done brunch runs, city drives, drives to Dapoli, Indore, Anjarle beach for the olive ridley turtle festival and many more shapes and sizes!

Episode Highlights:

  • Vineet and Deepak share some nuggets about their history biking together, their first venture and set the context about how The Roadtrippers club came into being.
  • Procedure to sign up with RTC! Just log on to their website,, set up an account and sign up for a ride! No, there's nothing more to it!
  • Next steps after signing up for the drive involve following instructions of the team captain in terms of preparation, packing, costing, activities and more. The end to end planning, as well as booking of lodging, activities, treks and other fun stuff is done well before the ride.
  • All you need to be a part of the drive is a four wheeler - size, power, seating and everything else doesn't matter. You dont even have to own one, rent one or better, car-pool!
  • Bring your family, bring your friends, bring your partners, bring your pets! RTC does no discrimination about who you want to bring, only objective is to have a fun drive on four wheels!
  • The costs of the drive are equally shared amongst participants, there are no service fees, no management fees, no hidden costs - only additional cost is the GST!
  • You also get to enjoy great deals, discounts and the perks of traveling as a group! So the odds are you are getting a better deal with RTC than if you travel by yourself!
  • Not only do you enjoy driving with a group, you also have a safety net to fall back on in case of mishaps - The RTC community rides with you through rain and shine!
  • You also get to learn how to be a responsible driver while driving with RTC. Learn simple techniques like engine braking, changing a flat, dealing with switchbacks and hairpin bends, how to navigate in a ghat section and more, all while you enjoy a raodtrip!
  • Also stand a chance to be a part of special courses like the Women's day offroading event - Shifting gears, where a group of women had the chance to be a part of a certificate course on offroading! RTC believes in making a change on the ground, on the road and off it!
  • Interested in starting an RTC chapter in your city? All you have to do is reach out to the founders on the RTC website. New chapters coming up soon, follow the Roadtrippers club on their social media for more updates

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