June 14, 2019

TMS Specials : Purposeful Travel with Charles Worringham

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to Charles Worringham, an Australian academic and clean energy evangelist, who shares his experience of traveling with a purpose. Listen on!

Today's destination: Around India, exploring some of her energy challenges and innovative solutions!

Nearest Airport: Indira Gandhi International airport

Nearest Railway Station: NA

Prerequisites - Be open to travel, be open to learning!

Packing - NA

Time of the year - November

Length of the itinerary: 1 month

Itinerary Highlights: 

- Charles tells us about the objective of the trip and how one can look for a purpose in travel, be it history, culture, adventure or just learning about something you love!
- More about the planning and preparations, the books Charles read up before the big trip: India calling - Anand Giridhardas (https://www.amazon.in/India-Calling-Intimate-Portrait-Remaking/dp/1250001722)
Looking away - Harsh Mander (https://www.amazon.in/Looking-Away-Inequality-Prejudice-Indifference/dp/9385288458)
Inspite of the Gods, the strange rise of modern India - Edward Luce (https://www.amazon.in/Spite-Gods-Strange-Modern-India/dp/0349123462)
The City of Djinns - William Dalrymple (https://www.amazon.in/City-Djinns-Delhi-William-Dalrymple/dp/9385936557

- The trip begins in Delhi where Charles meets some interesting personalities, experiences the local Delhi food, the Delhi metro and as luck would have it, the phenomenon called 'demonetization'!! 
- Charles also makes an impromptu visit to Unnao, UP to see an interesting energy project
- Ahmedabad was next on the itinerary, even though Charles gets a stomach bug, but he still manages to do some sight seeing through a heritage walk around the old city and a visit to the Sabaramati Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi!
- Following this, Charles makes his way to Mumbai where he meets more interesting people, experiences the Mumbai local and a visit to IIT Mumbai! 
- Charles then stops by in Pune, where he sees some first hand innovative ways in which energy efficiency was being achieved at the grassroots.  
- Hyderabad is next on the itinerary where Charles meets an energy efficiency expert and learns more about commercial building standards. Stops at IIIT Hyderabad and Golkonda fort were also part of the trip although he misses out on the Hyderabadi biryani!
- As he descends further south, Charles visits Bangalore to meet some very interesting people at IISC and discovers a local Australian connection in a very innovative startup in Bangalore. 
- The trip slowly begins to wrap up with a final stop at Kochi, where Charles engages in some touristy things as he discovers the wonderful history of Fort Kochi and the surrounding areas! 

Notable mentions in the episode:

Debi Goenka (https://twitter.com/mangrovesindia?lang=en)
Himanshu Thakkar (https://www.indiawaterportal.org/author/himanshu-thakkar)
Brookings India, Delhi (https://www.brookings.edu/center/brookings-india/)
Simran grover - boond energy (https://www.linkedin.com/in/simran-grover-238b8918/?originalSubdomain=in)
IIT mumbai Rangan Banerjee - (http://www.ese.iitb.ac.in/faculty/rangan-banerjee)
Rajkiran Rilolikar (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajkiranbilolikar/?originalSubdomain=in)
Harish Hande - Selco foundation (https://www.selcofoundation.org/selco_team/harish-hande/)
TV Ramachandran IISC (http://ces.iisc.ernet.in/new/?q=user/31)
Pollinate energy (https://pollinateenergy.org)


Link to the Charles' blog (https://indiapowerreview.com/)

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