August 31, 2017

TMS Specials – Little Passports

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to Prachi Kagzi, founder of Little passports, a travel company that curates travel for kids. Being an avid traveller herself, Prachi was bit by the travel bug at a very young age when she travelled extensively with her parents both within and outside of India. Prachi shares the concept and vision of the Little passports and how she aims to instill the love for travel early on with kids.

Prachi also shares her experience traveling the length and breadth of the country and beyond visitng wildlife sanctuaries, her love for the wild, some memorable moments from her visits as well as some top tips to consider while preparing for a visit to a wildlife sanctuary. Sit back and enjoy listening!


- Prachi speaks about the concept of traveling early and how she picked it up from her parents.

- How Little passports was born while she was on trips with her son

- The concept that is Little passports, how she prepares for these trips, who goes on these trips

- Prachi also discusses at length the process of researching and first hand visits she makes to the locations along with her son before deciding on a trip

- The diverse activities that kids and moms enjoy during the trips ranging from theme parks to wildlife sanctuaries to adventure sports, hiking and cultural trips

- Prachi speaks at length about trips she has made to wildlife sancutaries in and around India

- How one should plan for these trips to the heart of nature, preparation

- Memorable moments during the visits to the wild


Little Passports

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Photo by Ban Yido on Unsplash