December 14, 2020

Superhuman River – Ganga with Bidisha Banerjee


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This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to Bidisha Banerjee, author of "Superhuman River - Stories of the Ganga"!

Today's destination- The path of the river Ganga!

Nearest Airport- n/a

Nearest Railway Station- n/a

Prerequisites - might require permits if you plan to visit Gaumukh.

Packing - Pack according to the season and region you are visiting!

Time of the year - n/a

Length of the itinerary: n/a

Itinerary Highlights:

- We follow the 2525 km long path of the river Ganga or Ganges with author Bidisha Banerjee as she traces the river from origin to the point where it meets the sea.
- The first region of interest is Gangotri, the holy source of the river where it originates from the foothills of the Himalayas. Bidisha talks about her experience taking a dip in the holy river and drinking water from the melting piece of ice. She also references the legends and lores associated to this region
- Next we discuss the transformation of the Ganga from the pristine setting of the Himalayas to the plains and how humans have abused the rivers with some examples of the pollution caused in cities like Kanpur.
- We also discuss about the little known Ganga river model in one of India's premier universities and the state it stands in today.
- We move on to Bihar where we discuss the challenges faced not just by the river but by some precious wildlife like the endangered Ganga river dolphins that are at the brink of extinction.
- Moving on from Bihar, we discuss about Ganga's breakaway journey into Bangladesh and how the river is perceived in the neighbouring country.
- Finally, we discuss the Bawliays and Bonbibi of Sunderbans and the unique ecosystem of the region that has been shaped by the river.


Link to Bidisha's book: Superhuman River - Stories of the Ganga

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