December 28, 2020

Into the heart of the Himalayas with Jono Lineen

We're giving away a copy of Jono's book - "Into the heart of the Himalayas". 
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This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to Dr. Jono Lineen, author of the book "Into the heart of the Himalayas" as he traverses the western Himalayas from Pakistan to India, ON FOOT!

Today's destination: Himalayas!
Nearest Airport: n/a
Nearest Railway Station: n/a
Prerequisites : visa/permits
Packing : n/a
Time of the year : n/a
Length of the itinerary: 4 months

Itinerary Highlights:

- Jono discusses about the events leading up to the expedition, including the tragic and untimely death of his kid brother.
- We discuss about the motivation for the trek, the plan and Jono's previous experience exploring the Himalayas
- Jono talks about the rich culture and religion of the region, including the Muslim Himalayas, the Buddhist Himalayas and the Hindu Himalayas
- We start the journey in Pakistan in the Astor village and Jono discusses his interesting interaction with the locals of the village, including the gun shop owner.
- Jono talks about the transition from the Muslim Himalayas to the Buddhist Himalayas and the differences and similarities he found in the people of the two regions.
- We discuss about the magic of walking around the beautiful terrain of the Himalayas and how Jono charted our his path using paper maps.
- Jono also talks about his attempt at doing the Chardham Yatra and the challenges he faced, some memorable moments from the journey and the climax at Gomukh.

Image Credit : Dr. Jono Lineen

Link to Jono's book - Into the heart of the Himalayas

Link to Jono's new book - Perfect Motion

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