March 8, 2019

Explore Dalhousie with Meenakshi Param

This week, The Musafir Stories speaks to Meenakshi Param from the blog Sit back and enjoy as we speak to the multi-talented Meenakshi as she speaks about her tryst with travel!
Today's destination: Dalhouse, Himachal Pradesh
Nearest Airport: Dharamshala, HP
Nearest Railway Station: Pathankot, Punjab
Prerequisites - N/A
Packing - Warm clothes depending on the season of travel
Time of the year - All year round!
Length of the itinerary: 3-4 days
Itinerary Highlights:
- Meenakshi begins the conversation by setting up the orientation of Dalhousie, the necessity of acclimatization given Dalhousie is between 6-9K ft above sea level and the history of the colonial influence on Dalhousie!
- Dalhousie is named after Lord Dalhousie, the Governor general of Bengal during the British Rule and was set up as a sanitorium to help ailinig soldiers recover, given it's wonderful setting. It was purchased from the Raja of Chammba for a princely sum of 12,000 Rupees over 150 years ago
- Meenakshi gives us some titbits about the Thandi (cold) and Garam (hot) sadak, why they are called so and some of the nearby churches (St. John's church and St. Francis church) that one can visit while spending time acclimatizing with the city.
- One can also visit the nearby markets of Subhash chowk and Gandhi chowk as well as some tibetan markets to get a flavor of the local stuff.
- Visitors to Dalhousie can also enjoy a great mix of architecture right from Himachali architecture which dominates most of the nearby hamlets to the colonial buildings in the city as well as the more recent contemporary architecture.
- The people in Dalhousie is a mix of HImachali, tibetan, buddhists, Punjabi and Bengali people. We also discuss about the Bengal connection of Dalhousie with prominent personalities like Subhash Chandra Bose and Rabindranath Tagore having lived here during their lives.
- We also discuss the points of interest in the vicinity including Khajjiar and some treks one can indulge in including Dayankund, CHamba, Bakrota hill and Aala! Listen to the local folklore about the Dainkund legends and get spooky!
- The local flavors of Dalhousie include everything from fastfood to Momos, chaats, golgappas, himachali food and Rasgollas.
- Make sure to grab exotic souveniers from Dalhousie such as Himachali Chukk (pickle), wines and chutneys. Finally, make sure to carry an umbrella while going about Dalhousie!
Meenakshi's blog:
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