Podcast Format


This is a loose format of the podcast, not set in stone, but just gives some structure to our discussion given the limited time we have for each episode.

  1. 1. Introduction (Guest background/guest blog promotion) – done by hosts
  2. 2. Personal story - who are you, where are you from, when did the travel bug get you/year started, full time/what were you doing before this/job etc– done by Blogger
  3. 3. Travel destination in India (this section, along with point 4 is the focus of the podcast and will cover about 20-25mins) – done together, but the blogger does most of the talking
    1. a. Where are we going? Why are we going?
    2. b. How did you discover this place? When do we go (best time to travel)? What to pack?
    3. c. How to get there, means of transport(flight/train/car/schedule)
  4. 4. Travel itinerary – done together, but the blogger does most of the talking
    1. Day1 highlights...Day2 highlights..etc. (Aim is to cover at least 3-4 points of interest)
    2. a. Experiences, culture
    3. b. Lodging
    4. c. Budget
  5. 5. Memorable/awkward/forgettable moments during the trip– done by Blogger
  6. 6. Advice/travel tips/anything you’d do differently in hindsight– done by Blogger
  7. 7. What projects are you currently working on/planning - done by Blogger
  8. 8. How to reach you – social media/blog– done by Blogger
  9. 9. Buffer for additional questions/closing


  1. Skype audio/Zencastr will be used for recording the podcasts. All you will need is a laptop/PC with internet and a pair of headphones/earphones that come with a mic.